Beyond business: the social, environmental, and economic implications of change

How are innovation and technology transforming our cities? How does the evolution of spaces influence the way they are used? Which big cities are spearheading the evolution of the idea of smart city? BNP Paribas Real Estate’s publications explore the themes of the future to answer all questions about the cities of tomorrow.

The cities of tomorrow are built today, and it is the duty of all of us to make them ethical, inclusive, and smart.

Delve into the future with us.


Analysing an underlying trend

Each TrendBook looks at the changes that are affecting the real estate market in one way or another. International experts in the sector are given the floor through analyses, testimonials, case studies and key figures.


Discover a region

The Smart Metropoles collection invites you to discover the main French and European metropoles that are helping to build a dynamic future through the prism of the Smart City. Economy, mobility, lifestyles, population and the environment are addressed, as are the future major urban projects that will shape the city of tomorrow. Public, semi-public and private stakeholders talk openly about their region.


Understanding a key concept

These short educational booklets explain an essential concept of current and future real estate through key figures and case studies.

TrendBook, Office
Future of work

TrendBook, Offices: A New Chapter

Il settore immobiliare si trova oggi, più che mai, ad affrontare una serie di sfide e opportunità.

I nostri modi di lavorare, in ufficio o a distanza, stanno cambiando completamente. Questo non significa che stiamo stravolgendo completamente le nostre consuetudini. Gli ultimi due anni ci hanno permesso di capire veramente quanto i diversi modi di lavorare abbiano avuto successo su larga scala, e comprendere come applicarli a vari tipi di culture e contesti aziendali.

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TrendBook Cities of Tomorrow: Resilient and Inclusive
Future of work

Cities of Tomorrow: Resilient and Inclusive

Filled with expert analysis, renowned architects, territory members and data visualisation, the new TrendBook Cities of Tomorrow: Resilient and Inclusive takes a deep dive into what our urban landscape looks like and what it might evolve into.

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Future of work

Proptech: what's next?

PropTech, a contraction of the terms property and technology, brings together start-ups and companies that use modern technology to improve or reinvent the real estate business. Changes that mark the beginning of a new era in real estate consumption.

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Offices: The next chapter
Future of work

Offices: the next chapter

“The shock was brutal, all-consuming and global because no-one ever imagined that such a crisis scenario was possible. All companies had to adapt to ensure business continuity: work organisation, forced acceleration of the digital transformation and a reconfiguration of their relationships with employees as well as clients.”





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Future of work

The future of Retailog

Faced with volatile, demanding consumers, the retail sector is reinventing itself. Logistics, being challenged by an increase in deliveries and returns, is also caught up in this upheaval. At the focus of this transformation are stores focused on customer experience and warehouse optimisation through the introduction of new technologies and XXL formats.

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Future of work

Co-Working & Co.

Initially favoured by start-ups for its flexible leases and user-friendly design, coworking is riding the wave of the trend towards nomadic work. Today, it appeals to companies of all sizes. Major market players are unveiling key propositions for a fast-growing market. The other side of the coin - coliving - is not being left behind and is reviewed by market participants.

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