In thirty years, the web has not only transformed our ways of communicating, it has also completely changed our consumption habits. Digital is now an integral part of consumer purchasing behaviour. In order to respond to new requirements everywhere, all the time, retail is joining forces with logistics: retailog is now asserting itself as a field of innovation at the service of a unified customer journey.

Through an inventory of operational best practices and the insights of leading experts on the various international markets, the fourth BNP Paribas Real Estate TrendBook provides a comprehensive overview of the new face of retailog, to understand the interactions that are restructuring the retail and logistics real estate sectors. Get your copy of the TrendBook on the Future of Retailog now!

  • What have been the main trends in retail in recent years?
  • What has been the impact of multi-channel retail?
  • How can retailers respond to this new market dynamic?
  • What is the future for real estate? 

Trendbook The future of Retailog


Each TrendBook looks at the actual changes affecting the real estate market in one way or another. International experts in the sector are given the chance to talk through analyses, testimonials, case studies and key figures.