Based on our sound expertise stemming from in-depth knowledge of the Office sector in Italy, and ongoing analysis of the trends that characterise it, the services we offer are able to meet all your needs. We provide strategic advice, exploring all the opportunities for your investment in this area, and we offer support you in the search, valuation, management, and sale of office buildings.

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Mazar Italia

Size: 3,500 sqm

Property: Ceresio 7/9

Loro Piana

Size: 11,200 sqm

Property: Moscova 33


Size: 5,600 sqm

Property: MEVE - Porta Romana

Eurobet Italia

Size: 8,000 sqm

Property: Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia


I numeri del settore

After the record year of 2019 when the Office sector dominated the market, the advent of Covid-19 generated a contraction in real estate investments in Italy leading to a decline also in the leases market, both in Milan and Rome. Take-up in 2020 fell to 289,000 sqm (from 490,000) and 126,000 sqm (from 273,000), respectively.  

  • 3,3 Bn

    Investment in Offices in Italy 2020
  • 2,5 Bn

    Investment in Offices in Milan 2020
  • 75%

    Percentage of investments in Offices in Milan on total 2020 in Italy