THE COMPANIES, BNPP Real Estate in Italy

  1. BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory Italy S.p.a:

    Strategic advice and practical support for all needs, at all levels of commercial negotiations, from investments to sales, from valuation to relocation.

  2. BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management Italy S.p.a

    Property management for all property types, aiming to increase the profitability of investments and their value in the long term.

  3. BNP Paribas Real Estate Investment Management Italy SGR P.A.

Our Executive Committees, both at a national and at an International level, work day to day on implementing, maintaining, and developing all activities needed for the business strategies to turn into reality, always looking ahead.

Our top executives

Executive Committee - Italy

Defines BNP Paribas Real Estate Italia’s strategic trajectory.



Chief Operating Officer BNP Paribas Real Estate Italy
stephen coticoni


Country Manager BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management | CEO BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory Italy S.p.A. & Head of Services


CEO | BNP Paribas Real Estate Property Management Italy
Vincenzo Nocerino

Vincenzo Nocerino

Chief Investment Officer | BNP Paribas Reim Italy SGR

We strive for gender equality

Corporate & Social Responsibility
  • 50%

    of women on the Italian Executive Committee
  • 35%

    of women on the International Executive Committee
  • 44%

    of women on the Supervisory Board