Our know-how in the Residential sector reflects in our innovative strategic advice for residential property. Whatever your goals, we assist you with your choices, by supporting individuals and investors in the valuation and purchase of properties in Milan, Rome, and other major Italian cities. We also support companies in developing, valorising, and selling residential complexes.  

Innovative Living solutions

Over the past few years we have achieved outstanding sales results in prestigious projects in major Italian cities.

Giuseppe Pizzuti
Executive Director

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We define the best investment strategy in the Residential sector

We offer advice on value-added, long-term, and build-to-sell investments with a blend of advisory and agency serivces. We support residential property developments by assisting your business throughout the entire sale process.

We help you enhance the profile of residential complexes and sell them

We provide commercial definition, coordination, and sales support for the residential complexes in your portfolio. We optimise the sale process, procedures, and schedule, and are able to identify the best options to increase the value of your asset.

We value the property you want to buy or sell

We estimate the market value of residential buildings you want to buy or sell, and are able to meet your needs by carrying out asset analysis by means of market surveys and by constantly monitoring the local market.

We assist you in buying your new home

We open the doors of our luxury real estate solutions in key Italian locations for you, and assist you throughout the entire process to purchase your new home.



We open the doors of our selected real estate residential solutions in the main Italian cities and accompany you throughout the process of purchasing your new home. Discover all the apartments available among BNP Paribas Real Estate's Living opportunities.