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Buy, lease or invest:

what is your real estate project?

We help you find a property that meets your needs.


In the property acquisition phase, we help you  assess investments and identify the best solutions, based on the performance of the reference market and on your appetite for risk. Our strategic advice supports you from the very beginning of the process that leads to the purchase: from exploring the potential of each property, through services such as the virtual tour, to due diligence required to verify the state of the property and the validity of investment. Our experts will assist you throughout the negotiation and contractual phase until the end of the process.


If you are looking  for property to lease for  your company,  we offer preliminary analyses of the current situation, we explore the opportunities presented by a potential relocation, and we provide workplace analysis aimed at optimising existing spaces. We assist you across the entire contractual phase, all the way to the finalisation.


If you are an Italian client, we assist you in expanding and optimising your real estate portfolio in Italy and abroad. If you are an international investor, we are ready to support you in the search for the best investment opportunities on the Italian market. In the acquisition phase, we assist investors in identifying and selecting opportunities, taking into consideration the specific features of the reference market and the client’s appetite for risk.