A contraction of the words “property” and “technology”, PropTech brings together start-ups and companies that use new technologies to improve or reinvent real estate. These changes mark the beginning of a new era in real estate consumption. Indeed, with PropTech, the entire real estate value chain is being transformed, both when searching for a property (rental or purchase) and when providing new services within a home or office.  With the TrendBook PropTech: What next?”, we offer you a new perspective on a subject that lies at the heart of our concerns through interviews and exchanges of views.

  • Is PropTech a real partner of choice for the real estate world?  
  • Can a company survive without PropTech? 
  • Where is Europe in relation to the rest of the world? Is it ahead of or behind the game? 
  • Major players in the real estate industry are taking a close interest in PropTech. Are we moving towards an incubation model?

TrendBook PropTech : what's next?


Each TrendBook looks at the actual changes affecting the real estate market in one way or another. International experts in the sector are given the chance to talk through analyses, testimonials, case studies and key figures.